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Dogs should be powered by fat and protein - not carbs. Inspired by the years of work done on optimal dog nutrition by the non-profit research organization KetoPet, we decided to make a low carb, ketogenic dog food that meets their exacting standards.

Valiant Pet

Why Keto Dog Food?

In humans, low carbohydrate diets have been shown to lower blood glucose and reduce inflammation. Many pet parents eat lower carb diets themselves, yet feed their canine companions regular dog food that is very high in carbohydrates.

Now there’s another option: Visionary Pet Foods. We make low carb, ketogenic dog food with only human-grade ingredients.

  • Low Carb
  • Grain Free
  • Ketogenic Dog Food
Visionary Pet

The Ketogenic dog food with nothing to hide

We don’t hide behind confusing pet labels. That’s why we show you the nutrition facts in an easy to understand format - carbs, fiber, fat and protein.

< 1g Net Carbs Per Serving

100% Human Grade Ingredients

Made and Sourced in the USA

Visionary Pet

Nutrition Panel: Frozen Keto Beef Formula

Visionary Pet

Grain Free Doesn’t Always Mean Low Carb

Many dog foods claim to be grain free but still include a lot of digestible carbohydrates, often in the form of sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, rice, pumpkin, potatoes or fruit. Lots of pet parents feel good about their choices without realizing how much carbohydrate they’re feeding their dogs. This is one of the reasons our pets are experiencing an obesity epidemic of their own. We created Visionary Pet Foods to give your dog everything they need and nothing that they don’t. Our products are made to be the best nutritional choice for your dog.

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  • Grains, gluten, or GMOs
  • Fruit, fructose, or added sugars
  • Antibiotics or added hormones
  • Rendered or feed ingredients
  • Carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, peas, rice or sweet potatoes
  • Artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors
Visionary Pet Food


Our Inspiration

We were inspired by the work done at KetoPet, a non-profit focused on improving canine health through nutrition. KetoPet spent several years and millions of dollars investigating the effects of a ketogenic diet for dogs with cancer and other serious conditions like seizures, digestive issues and neurological diseases.

Since 2014, KetoPet has rescued dozens of shelter dogs from being euthanized and given them a forever home at the KetoPet Sanctuary. Once at the Sanctuary, each dog was placed on a ketogenic diet as a form of cancer therapy. Based on their incredible findings, KetoPet is now focused on helping pet parents everywhere feed a ketogenic diet for canine health.

Low Carb For All Dogs

In helping pet parents in need, the KetoPet staff were faced with a common problem: people were struggling to feed a ketogenic diet using store-bought ingredients. Visionary Pet Foods was created to solve this problem. Now, pet parents everywhere can feed their best friend a ketogenic diet.

Giving Back

We are proud to support KetoPet through food donations and a portion of every sale. We hope that our success can help dogs everywhere live happier lives. Click below to learn more about KetoPet and how we support their important mission.

Giving Back
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